• Yesterday I:

Woke up at 7:15am.  Took pills at 8am.  "Take pillbox 1".  For the first time in a week, I can use " " without wondering if it's correct or not.  The pillbox does SAY it.  Out loud.  Honest. 

Check the Magic Money Account on line.  Yes.  The money the government gives me for having MS is there.

Read emails.  SanFranMan cussing himself for telling his kids big fun travel plans, when someone hadn't paid him big money on Monday like they were supposed to.  Kids disappointed.  Emailed him back.... did he forget I still had $1000.00 of his from the estate money?  No response.

Went to physical therapy.  Went to Curves.  Bought batteries for camera.  Came home.  Checked email to see if he'd responded yet.  Nope.  Made a list of things to do.

Left house, walked down long hall.  Forgot list.  Came back.  Decided to clean kitchen cause I hate coming home to a messy house.  Left.  Forgot list again.  Came back.  Couldn't stand shorts, so changed them.  Left.  Forgot fucking list.  Came back.  Printed list, and checked email.  No response.  I wanted to hear from him, cause I was going to bank and didn't want to come home, only to see an email from him, asking me to deposit his money in his account.  Left.  Forgot list on kitchen counter.  Came back.  Evidently I'm showing the universe that altho exercise helps MS physically, cognitively it does shit. 

And can I just remind you of my hallway? 


Finally, I left the parking lot with list in hand. 

  • Deposit lap counting checks
  • Deposit RamTouch money???
  • Transfer $$$ to checking
  • Letter to Rachael
  • Dog Treats at Wal-Hell
  • Mental Health assessment at 1pm
  • Chicken Chicken Chicken
  • Laser hair at 2:10pm
  • Pay cable
  • Pay cell phone
  • Appointment with new doctor 6:30pm
  • Pick up meds from pharmacy

Great list, yes?  Cept who the hell is Rachael?

And how clever of me to write 'chicken' 3 separate times.  I did need 3 bags of chicken, but really.