Some of the murders were in San Francisco. 

As I listened, facinated by the fact that this was going on in San Fran (in 1969), I became concerned for RamTouch and his children.  I felt compelled to email him, and warn him to BE CAREFUL!  (But I didn't).  I felt so completely silly.  Thank God I didn't email him. 

But.  Imagine my horror as I continued to watch the show.  The letters stopped some time ago.  The main suspect died of a heart attack, and his DNA was tested.  He was cleared. 

The real killer has never been found.  It is unsolved. 

I'm pretty sure I really SHOULD email RamTouch and warn him.  He'll think I'm so stupid silly.  Maybe I'll remind him he's got children to protect now! 

Okay.  Fine.  I won't.