I need to change how I think in order to change how I do. I tend to DO like I always have, full head of steam. Now I have "limitations". Uh huh, that's what the doctor says. Oh, and the physical therapist too. But what do they know?

So. I resolve to do only one basket of laundry at a time, instead of two. Doing 2 wears me out, right from the get-go. I may have mentioned the hallway to the laundry room is 5 miles long. Carrying 2 baskets of laundry is too much. And it ties up all the machines. And it's too much to fold all at one time. I usually am too tired to do it, plus it hurts. So the 2 baskets sit around waiting for someone to fold them and put them away. If I do one basket, it'll be easier, less wearying. I've got time to fold and put away while a second load is in the dryer. The symetrey of it pleases me. Fill 2 baskets with dirty laundry. Which empties out the hamper. Take one basket down the 6 mile long hallway, put in washer. Set time for 1/2 hour. Take second basket down the 7 mile hallway, put first load in dryer, and 2nd load in washer. Set time for an hour for drying. Walk down 8 mile hallway, put dryer load in basket, put washer load in dryer. Bring first load back down 9 mile long hallway. Set timer for an hour for dryer. Fold and put away first load. Rest. When timer goes off, march down 10 mile hallway and bring back 2nd load from dryer. Take one last look down the long-ass hallway, and tell self, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can".

All done. But the part I like is once you have a washer, you have a drying when you need it next. No one can use the dryer unless they washed their clothes first. Two washers, two dryers.

EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I typed dryer, I typed drying instead, and had to do it over.

It must be cause I'm exhausted from all that walking. Let your fingers do the walking, ya know.

Okay, that made me roll my eyes at myself. And the counselor me knows that's belittling.