I've been doing so well MS-wise.  But the last 3 days have been hell on pain again.  Get so discouraged then.  Doesn't matter how great I am feeling emotionally, when the pain makes it hard to touch, feel, concentrate.  No Blue Sloth I am not.  He's got some monster thing in his belly that hurts, but still manages to do everything... and I do mean - everything, stay-at-home dad that he is.  How he stays so optimistic is beyond me.  He damn well better be lying half the time, cause otherwise he makes me look bad.  He's got 3 beautiful children, builds sand castles, and writes about the kids wondrously. 

Hmmm... see?  There's a silver lining.  At least I don't have stomach problems.  Altho...it IS still shrinking.  Today was weigh-in/measurement day at Curves, but it's Dishonorable Discharge from the Uterine Navy Day, so no way am I going to get weighed or measured.  One thing ....... when I was fat, I didn't notice feeling fat or bloated on DDUNDay but getting skinnier makes me notice feeling fat and bloated.  Even tho the scale says I'm 4 more lbs. down. 

I'm also in a shit shit shit mode of mind these past few days frankly.  It could be the blues cause I'm serving up Dracula's Tea Bag, but I'm also spose to go see SanFranMan in the next couple weeks, but I refuse to let him pay for it, cause every dime of his needs to go to his custody case.  I have to come up with a whole 69.00 for the damage deposit for the new apartment too.  Moving to San Fran isn't a top priority at the moment now that the kids aren't there - now I have time to wait to hear from housing down there.  I'm going to keep my place up here even so.  It's only 150.00 a month, and my son and daughter-in-law are moving back next June.  I'm not sure where to be, that's for sure. 

Since I'll be at this computer all weekend long filing pictures properly, I could go nuts with posting more.  Each picture sparks a memory, then the Internet takes over, I have Profound Thoughts, Grand Ideas, and Unlimited Plans to improve the blog.  At the very least, I need to get out of the damn Aunt Flo site