You know how when I said I'm extremely suggestable?  Well on Tuesday I read an article about 'taking two days off from exercise can cue your body to start packing on the fat again'.  According to Self magazine, researchers found that when lab rats went without their exercise wheel for 53 hours, after weeks of daily runs, their tummy fat increased by 25%, and their fat cells swelled by 19%.  Frank Booth, Ph.D. says to blame the body's survival instincts.  It's set up to store fat. 

Hence they say to be consistant in order not to trigger your body into thinking it's not gonna get food ever ever again. 

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed going to Curves on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I weighed myself on Thursday....  sure enough, the body gained a whole pound.  Now normally, this is not condusive for the goal to lose weight.  But this was okay.  Why?  Well, because Aunt Flo came on Tuesday. 

Scuse me while I rant for a minute.   

I hate euphemisms for My PERIOD.  In looking up how to spell euphemisms, of course the Internet had to get involved, and I was led by the nose to here.  I no longer hate euphemisms for MY PERIOD!  The new goal in my life is to choose one euphemisms for each letter of the alphabet, beginning....  oddly enough... with the A's. 

So..... usually during All Anal Sex Week, I gain around 5 lbs.  So gaining only one pound is great after all.  Oh dear me, I'm blushing.  I'm going to have to link that anal thing again, just to show that it wasn't me being nasty. 

How did I get sooo off-track?  What was I talking about?  Scroll upward, the Inner Voice says. 

Oh yes.  Self magazine told me that rats gain weight if they miss a day or two of jogging on their exercise wheels. 

I'm so off-base with this one.  It started out with me blaming Self magazine for my one pound weight gain, cause I missed 2 days of my exercise wheeling.  Just cause I read it, my Suggestibility meter rose 1 pound. 

But never mind.  I gained a pound because this is Blow Job Week.  Actually, I need to change that to Blow Job Day, since my Crimson Tide lasts only a couple. 

If I title this post Blow Job Week, am I finally going to gain attention in my little room on the World Wide Web?  Will Google bring me .... customers readers?  Do we want Blow Jobbers in here?  Are they givers... or are they receivers?  Good hell!!! Are they going to assume I'm a giver?   

Disclaimer to any Blow Jobbers who may wander in.  I'm a giver, but my penis's have to belong to someone I know and love, thankyouverymuch.  I'm sorry to disappoint you, but since you're here, you might find this interesting.  Perhaps you should reconsider your porny habits, and get involved with something a little more wholesome, hmmmm?  Just saying.