This morning I woke up and my alarm clock said 65:8 ... um yea. Was I confused? Yes. Then I realized the clock was upside down. We won't go into the discussion of how it got that way. I wish it was because of some wild, crazyass sex going on, but nope, not even. I will mention that I hate this particular clock, because I never remember how to turn off the alarm, and it never stops alarming. It keeps alarming its damn self until I figure out how to turn it off. But I keep it cause it tells me the tempature, and I'm trying to monitor how tempature affects the MS. At what point is too hot, and where should I live, based on temperature.

I digress. Something hugely, cosmically big is going to happen. Cause what are the chances of one waking up in digital number land, where the clock says the only numbers that can be read as different numbers? 8 is always eight, upside down or not. 5 is a 2 upside down, and 6 is a 9 upside down. Oh, and zero is always 0. Because of the way digital numbers are made...

Yup. I'm just saying.


I don't know the bible well enough.... is there a passage 65:8? When I just titled this post, all of a sudden, it felt like a church moment. Church on Sunday, watching the Nascar race... what could be more perfect?