So here I am, taking care of LoverMan's dying father, who was recently put on Hospice.  I did not do this for any reason except for the fact that Jorge needed 24/7 someone in the house and since I'm not working anymore, me doing it made the most sense.  He finally asked for help and I just happened to be the person there when he needed it. 

SanFranMan had been acting decidely less devoted these last few days.  I asked him directly if he was still planning a future with me, and he said he loved me.  Well, as all women of the world knows, this didn't exatly answer the question, I cleverly re-asked the question... "Are you IN LOVE with me still?".  No.  The answer was no.  Well, it wasn't directly a "no", there was alot of "We can still be friends" type comments from him. 

He just can't be in a relationship right now because it takes too much energy and focus away from his kids, whom he is trying to get visitation or maybe even custody.  He says the love he spent on me make him lose focus on getting his kids back.

Yes, I know.  I deserved this.  The Karma Of Loving a Married Man came home to rest in my nest.  But the timing was LOUSY.  Because I'm having to go thru breaking up with him in front of his sister, and his father.  Put on the happy mask.  Which makes me sick to my stomach, because I got real with myself quite some time ago, and this sucks.