Today, Assholiness (formerly LoverMan) and drove to Battle Mountain, a 7 hour drive each way, to visit his great grandfather's grave site.  There was some mystery as to how he died, a very intriguing story about him maybe swallowing carbolic acid, mistakenly thinking it was his daily shot of whisky.  Caarbolic acid was used to sterilze lethal diseases back in the day.  There was a child with typhoid fever in the house at the time.  Anyways, we went to put flowers on the long lost grave. 


The cemetary was facinating.  Cemetary's facinate me in general, but this one was particularly interesting because it was all concrete, gravel, and wrought iron fencing.  It was a VERY old cemetary.  There were graves where the ground had sunk down about a foot or more... we do not know what that was about, and didn't really want to think about is too much.  There were many, many grave markers with only numbers on them, no names.  We're going to do some research on that, cause it just seemed so wrong to have so many grave sites without names on them. 


Don't ask me why I'm socializing with the man who just broke up with me while I was hospicing his dying father.  But then again... visiting a cemetary seems kind of appropriate, doesn't it?  Specially one called "Battle Mountain"...