Jorge had a good day today - he's stayed awake most of the day, and is reading Louis Amour or whoever that guy is. Thefamous cowboy books.They're small enough to hold so his hands don't get tired.

He's doing MUCH better. He asked for 2 pancakes, 2 eggs this morning. His oxygen is at 95% again, yesterday when the nurse checked it. His breathing is normal.

I called for a nurse yesterday to come take care of the bedsores. Scott had told us to massage the area around the sores to increase circulation, but when I got online to find more ideas on how to take care of them, every site said NOT TO TOUCH. Grrrr.

I don't think he's ready to die. He was so proud of the 95% oxygen thing, and wanted me to be sure to tell "the boys" about it.

The way he says "thank you" for every little thing I do just breaks my heart. Such a sweet old man. Thank God he's not a crab-apple, or demented or Alzshiemer (sp?). He's so easy to take care of.  I'm learning what it feels like to actually care for a father figure type.