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Writing the Wrongs of My World, even tho there is no cure.


Having said that, let's all go to the place where the river in Egypt is, and forget about the fact that I have MS.

I take pictures of my dogs every day. And pictures of hearts, and Volkswagon Bugs as they come up.

Check out the Jacob blog by clicking on the picture of the baby. Scroll down. Be careful. It's not for everyone.

I'm 48, single, live in a apartment full of seniors, which is quite irritating as they try to boss me around - dang young'un that I am. Still able to drive a car. As of June 2006, you couldn't tell I have MS cause I 'look damn good on the outside'. Which is actually one of the frustations of this disease. It's hard to understand MS and it's trials, when one doesn't look like something is wrong with them.

Pain is my constant companion, and I take many medications to keep that in check. So far, so good. Praise Lyrica = miracle drug.

I blog because I can't remember a damn thing unless I write about it.

I want to move to San Francisco, and someday, I will.


My dogs, taking pictures of my dogs, reading, writing, sleeping, reality TV, as well as non-real TV. Love baseball, NASCAR, Curves, and walking the dogs.