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Friday, October 20, 2006


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What exactly is the sad discovery?


The fact that my blue and white pillows are missing. They match the Fall decor. I've got the burgunday/white, and the green/white, but the blue/white don't seem to be anywhere around. The green, blue, and burgundy match the Fall decor.

I'm just throwing it out to the universe (Cause the Internet IS the universe) to solve.


Oh. I thought it should've been a sad loss rather than a sad discovery. You lost the pillows after all. And they're just pillows. Not such a bad thing to lose. We can have two minutes of silence for the pillows now.

There. That's done. Never let it be said that the internet didn't help.


My thoughts exactly. Sad loss. Bummer. ummm. Maybe, just maybe, someone in that universe will be able to find those dam pillows. But no. We've had our two minutes of silence. They are gone forever. Sad.


Ahem. The person responsible for said pillows gone missing doesn't seem to be speaking up...


Did too.


Whoops. It wasn't me.

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